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Tom Cook, RPh. - Midwest

Tom was born and raised in Michigan, graduating from Ferris State University in 1967 with a B.S. in Pharmacy. He was registered to practice during that year and remains a registered pharmacist in Michigan to this day. After a short stint in retail pharmacy, including ownership of his own pharmacy, Tom joined the staff of the Michigan Pharmacists Association in Lansing. During that time, he also managed the activities of the Michigan Pharmaceutical Service Corporation, an early stage third party processing company owned and operated by the MPA.

Tom joined 3PM, then a privately held company, which was developing and marketing pharmacy management computer systems to independent pharmacists throughout Michigan. The company grew to be one of the market leaders in this arena, was purchased in 1985 by McKesson and is now known as McKesson 3PM. Tom was appointed President of the company subsequent to the McKesson acquisition and served in that role for ten years. During that time, he met with and counseled numerous pharmacists throughout the country about technology and their businesses. Tom is recognized by many in pharmacy as one of the country's foremost experts on the impact of technology and the third party environment on retail pharmacy.

Tom left McKesson to pursue other interests, served for some time as President of PolyPharm Corporation, a startup company involved in medication management, patient compliance and information services involving high-risk patients with chronic diseases. Tom is known to pharmacists throughout the country, has worked with them on many levels throughout his career and has been involved in the transactional environment on many different levels. This background provides him with the expertise required to function in the challenging environment of marketing today's high volume independent community pharmacies.