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Steve Wagner  - Western

Steve is an experienced marketing professional with a 16-year tenure in the wholesale drug industry, having served as EVP of Sales and Marketing at Barnes Wholesale Drug, the West Coast's largest independent regional drug wholesaler. During his tenure at Barnes he contributed substantially to the activities that helped grow this small, family-owned business seven-fold, to more than $200 million dollars in sales by the time it was acquired by the H.D. Smith Company in 1998.

Starting as a merchandiser, directly out of college, Steve has had the opportunity during his career to develop many positive relationships with pharmacy owners throughout the Southern California marketplace. His innate understanding of the business of pharmacy and the marketing activities required by wholesalers not only served to grow his company but also enabled him to acquire a reputation among pharmacy owners in Los Angeles as a person who knows and understands the economics of independent community pharmacy and the pressures that pharmacy owners are under.

As a member of the Buy-Sell team, Steve adds a wealth of knowledge and contacts in California to our capabilities to successfully market independent pharmacies throughout the state. His hands-on experience as a small businessman, subsequent to his departure from Barnes after the sale of the company, served to further expand his knowledge of the economics and requirements of mergers and acquisitions in the independent pharmacy environment.