BROOKLYN - A long-established (more than 40 years in this location) full line pharmacy located in a densely populated, middle class Brooklyn neighborhood (Midwood/Madison) This store serves a trading area of more than 100,000 people, has one other independent and three chains as its local competition. It is located on the major shopping street in the area, close to all major public transportation. FYE 12/31/18 showed reported sales of $4.755MM, projected sales of $5MM for FYE 12/31/19, 85% Rx sales, full. Store margins of 16%. The store is currently filling 60,000++ Rxs annually, 2% cash,15% Medicaid,  the balance traditional Managed Care plans. It is open from 9-7 M-F, 10-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday. 62 hours weekly. The store occupies a 2,000 sq. ft. space, subleases a small portion to an optical store. Net base rent is $12,500 per month. There is a new, long lease available for a new owner. The required payroll includes 1 FT Phcst, 1 PT Phcst, 2 FT techs, 3 FT clerks, delivery/stockperson, bookkeeper. All existing personnel are experienced and knowledgeable about the customers and the local market. There is  some financing available for a creditworthy and qualified buyer with a reasonable equity contribution.  This is an opportunity for a young pharmacist, a first-time buyer, to purchase a long-established store in a pleasant, middle-class, inner city neighborhood. This store has ample opportunity to grow, explore new niches and specialty opportunities, under new and motivated management. It requires local area marketing efforts to differentiate the store from the competition.

 If interested in this listing, please contact Jack Collins.