A newly established independent pharmacy (opened in 2015) located in a middle-class Brooklyn neighborhood, at the northern end of Sunset Park. The store is right across the street from a large metropolitan hospital, close to all major highways and transportation hubs. A brand-new buildout, well-merchandised, limited competition in the neighborhood, only one other independent and a Duane Reade store. Reported volume of $1MM in 2018, 95% Rx sales, full store margins of 35%++. January 2019 Rx revenues reached $100,000.00.  The store filled 17,000++ Rxs in 2018, including some local senior home scripts and hospital Rxs. Rx margins are very high due to certain “specialty” dispensing activities. The store is open from 9-7 Monday through Friday, closed Saturdays and Sundays. 50 hours weekly. It occupies an 800 sq. ft. retail space and has 1,200 sq. ft. of basement storage as well. It is subleasing from the adjoining tenant. Lease runs through 2024, current rent is $4,921 monthly including tenant’s share of taxes and CAM, plus utilities. The required payroll includes 1 FT Phcst (the current owners are absentee, SP is an employee pharmacist), 1 FT tech, 2 PT clerks. All existing personnel are experienced and knowledgeable about the customers and the local market. This is an opportunity for a young pharmacist, a first-time buyer, to purchase a relatively new store in a well-established, rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.  This store has ample opportunity to grow, explore new niches and specialty opportunities, under new and motivated hands-on management. Current owners, an out of town investment group, are currently focused on other projects (they bought the store from the original owner in 2017) and have decided to sell and move on. This is an excellent area and an excellent location. The cost of entry is the same or less than that of opening a new store and the business is already generating $1MM in sales. If you were perhaps contemplating a start-up of some kind, this is a far better opportunity.

 If interested in this listing, please contact Jack Collins.

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