Larry Greenfield - Upper Midwest and Southeast Regions

Larry was born and raised in Illinois, has been a Chicagoan his entire life from both a personal and a business perspective. In the 60's, while still in college in Illinois, Larry began a management training program at Caron Drug, a four-store independent pharmacy small chain in suburban Chicago. That experience led to a 35-year career in and around the world of pharmacy and the development of a wealth of experience and contacts within the world of independent community pharmacy.

After nine years at Caron, during which time Larry rose from assistant manager at one store to become the merchandising manager for the entire chain, Larry joined the Promotions Unlimited Corporation as Director of Sales in 1974. For the next thirty years, Larry rose to become Vice-President and General Manager of what would become the country's largest provider of advertising and promotional programs to independent pharmacy owners. During the course of that time, Larry assumed every responsibility possible in this dynamic company, met and interacted with pharmacy owners, staff members and many key suppliers (particularly wholesalers and buying group leaders) and became acutely aware of the issues facing independent community pharmacy owners throughout the United States

Larry brings a wealth of experience in business to the Buy-Sell team due to the depth of responsibility he assumed at Promotions. In addition, he has coordinated and managed many large meetings of pharmacy owners such as C.E. presentations, merchandising seminars and buying shows during his career. This activity has enabled him to build a large network of contacts throughout the country that will serve him well as a member of the Buy-Sell group. Larry's area of responsibility is primarily centered in the central Midwest, from Minnesota to the north, as far south as Missouri and west to the Rockies.

Since joining the Buy-sell team, Larry has presented at numerous trade shows and industry shows for pharmacy owners and prospective owners, including KPSC of Kansas, Rx Plus of Colorado and United Drug of Arizona. His straightforward presentation style and responsive and interactive method of presenting on these topics has earned him excellent evaluations from those in attendance at his C.E. presentations.