Glenn Hall, RPh. - Southwest

Glenn Hall was born and raised in Wharton, Texas, a small town located just southwest of Houston. After high school, Glenn was accepted to the University of Texas College of Pharmacy in Austin, graduating from there in 1972 with a B.S. degree in Pharmacy. He was registered to practice pharmacy in Texas during that year and remains so to this day.

After a short stint as an employee pharmacist, Glenn partnered with his brother, also a pharmacist, to form Hall and Hall Pharmacies. This group expanded to several pharmacies in the Greater Houston area by the mid-1970s. Glenn purchased the pharmacy in The Woodlands in 1977 and built his own chain with the addition of three pharmacies co-owned with other pharmacists. Glenn sold his pharmacy interests from 1986 through 1994 to concentrate on real estate and other businesses that were growing during that time period.

Concurrent with his retail ownership activities, Glenn was the co-founder of the Texas Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., which began with nineteen pharmacists in Houston. In 1982, TPC purchased the first Legend Pharmacy Cooperative Franchise from the original Legend Cooperative shareholders in New York. For the next fourteen years, Glenn served as Chairman of the Texas Co-op as well as a member of the National Advisory Board of Legend Cooperatives, President, and Director of Third Party programs. After selling his last pharmacy, Glenn served as EVP of the co-op which had grown to almost four hundred members in three states.

In 1996, Glenn joined Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio, where he advanced rapidly to the role of Vice President for Managed Care Marketing and General Manager of the Leader Drugstores' voluntary cooperative. Glenn was instrumental in the formation and development of LeaderNET, a managed care network of independents within the 3,300 members of Leader. During his twelve year career at Cardinal Health, Glenn served on many different internal management committees that addressed the problems and issues affecting independent community pharmacy owners, including a committee on succession of ownership and management transition for independent owners.

Glenn's professional credits include many presentations to pharmacists, both here in the U.S. and internationally, in the United Kingdom and in Russia. He has been a lead speaker at all Cardinal Health Retail Business Conferences since 1998 and represented Cardinal and Leader at the 2002 NCPA Convention where he introduced the keynote speaker, Rudolph Guiliani. Glenn is a member of all the relevant pharmacy trade associations, local and national, and he served as a member of the Community Care Rx Advisory Board and the Mirixa Advisory Group. Glenn's presence on the Buy-Sell team adds another professional and experienced voice to the company and its activities.